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Club 15

Club 15 is the brain child of Jenny who also blogs her world on All Eyes on Jenny .

It’s all very basic. You log in and tell her how many workouts you’ve done in one month, the goal being 15, but when her Dad [also a member] busts out a 28…you feel like you could do more. Hence the motivation and competition.

The best part is, that is for everyone across the globe to join. It’s all about accountability and honesty to yourself and to others.

Now you might ask, what counts as a workout. It’s a very subjective topic, however, for myself I classify it as a minimum of 30 – 60mins of working out where I break a sweat and feel accomplished. Usually involoving a 30min run and 30 min of weights. Some days its 40mins of running and 40 mins of weights…i would count that as two! Mainly because if I had the desire to get up in the morning I would do half then and half in the evening.

I do not count golf or softball as a workout, because they seem to be more of an activity and less of a push and grunt to the ultimate goal of a better me in a bathing suit.

So…there you have it folks.

Join Club15.

Did I mention it was free????

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