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As my mental break rebounds here. Part of it is due to my fabulous shoes [pics still to come. I promise], running/working out regularly, taking time for myself, as well as my new found ability to play volleyball mainly due to being fixed at the Chriopractor [who believed I wasn’t completely nuts and that my aches and pains were legit and for the past 6 months has been ‘correcting’ the issues using the Torque Release Technique].

I have my life back.

I have also done something completely drastic that wasn’t even part of my game plan for 2009. Instead of being the dutiful and responsible girl I have always been about money – aside from shoe shopping in Reno – I have the opportunity to meet up with a girl friend of mine – KJ – who is travelling the world. After a lot of humming and haaaaing and financial scrutiny. I’ve decided to go on a vacation. Although it’s a prime buyers market here in vancouver, I need another year to really have a decent down payment so I can buy an apartment where I want to live as opposed to what I can afford to live in….so I”m hoarding most of the dough But I am using my tax return from last year and this year to pay for this adventure.
Where am I going you maybe wondering???

I’m going to Egypt!!!!!

It’s a 10-day tour – Spirit of Egypt – starting in Cairo overnight train to Aswan, 4 day cruise along the Nile to Edfu then Luxor and a mini-bus ride to Hurghada and back to Cairo. Crossing fingers for safety and nothing bad to happen. This was never my first choice of things to do, but why not do it. I have a friend to enjoy it with and on the way back to Canada – I’m spending four days in London to rack up the credit card shopping.

The initial excitment of booking and paying for the air fare and tour have worn off. I don’t leave until the end of April. So for now. I quietly plan with a smile on my face. Knowing that in less than 50 days I’m going to a place I’d never thought I’d get to go. Hell I’d never even thought I’d get here.

I’ve done it all by myself for almost all of the last 30 years – give or take those first five years when really someone else had to do it for you. I’m so excited to be celebrating my brithday and KJ’s in this manner.

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  1. KennethSF said:

    This is bound to be an adventure! Enjoy your vacation–including the anticipation and the waiting (that’s part of the fun too).

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