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mentality rate

well after last weekends love affair with all junk food on the planet [ice cream to diet coke to smartfood white cheddar popcorn…yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm] this weekend, i’m proud to say was a tad better.

i haven’t been back to floor hockey though. aside from the family strife, my shoulder is killing me and i really, truely do not want to hurt it further playing floor hockey…running is hard enough.

speaking of running! this sunday i woke up early…8am…for no other reason than i spent Saturday cleaning my apt and organizing my clothes, which took til 11pm at which time i went to bed. so being the old fogy that i’ve become i got up early on sunday and strapped on the running shoes and went for a run on kits beach. came back with a headached. not a major one, but one of those…”just so you remember i’m here, i’m going to hang out here forever” type of headaches. I then took the rest of the day easy and went to sleep at 10pm.

woke up this morning and hit the treadmill at 6am and decided to challenge myself and hit the 5Km loop on the treadmill. it took 43mins to complete, but that also inc. the 5min warm up and cool down plus some minutes for some breaks. my quads tightened up by about the 25min mark and i just tried to push through and continued breathing. at about the 35min mark i increased the speed from a steady 5.0 to 6.0 for about 5mins.

i find it easier to breath while on a treadmill than while running outside and therefore am able to run a comfortable pace longer and keep the right shoulder in check. this is problematic as most 10km running events are indeed outside.
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