The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

My patience is getting smaller and smaller of late. Not sure why. Maybe it’s frustration with certain aspects of my less than sparkling life, people not being considerate of others and those talking to me as if I don’t have a brain.

[Since when did fun loving equal an IQ of Zero? ]

So I’m tired of “putting up with”, “dealing with” being treated less than how I treat others.

Sure no one is perfect, I make my fair share of mistakes. Eventually though I recognize my mistakes, apologize for any misgivings then MOVE ON.

I thought people, especially those who are your friends, forgave your idiotic stunts? What I’ve learned is that some do and some don’t forgive and move on. Some just state that they don’t need to hear reasons for doing something or missing something. Some friends, who you may thought were close friends and whom you have let them lean on you in times of much needed ranting or venting all of a sudden have no need to know your reasons for missing something, or aren’t there to repay the favor and listen to you rant and vent. What is up with that? Maybe I do it to much? Maybe I expect to much?

Also, there are some people who are younger than I, who have hit a nerve of complete impatience for behavoir that I simply can’t stand. I can’t stand girls who giggle and scream. I can’t stand girls who don’t give something a chance or try something new. I can’t stand people who are unaware that they always put down other peoples suggestions and are ignorant to the fact that those suggestions and opinons might be worth a try or might even be worth listening too.

I can’t stand that when I stick to my convictions or ideas people view me as a b*tch. Or even when I stand up for myself because I’m not thrilled with how I’m being addressed and I care about this relationship, I will say something, in hopes of improving said relationship, however, I’m still viewed as being a b*tch. Even though I do take in account their point of view and do understand that I could say things better as well. I’m apparently a b*tch.
All relationships, are a two way street are they not? Both parties have to be open to others voices to be able to figure out what’s what. Not all friendships are long term, some are short term, but regardless, they are integrated into your life for a reason for that time period. And although people change, you were/are friends and I would hope that there would still be some amount of respect left regardless of the direction of the friendship.
Out of all this ranting/venting and self exploration I’ve decided I need to expand the friendship cricle. I still love the friends I have and the fun that I have while with them. But there is a part of just hanging out and going out for dinner with friends and not binge drinking my weekend away, which is what I’m missing.
So….I’m continuing to expand the friendship circles and continue to make me the best me possible.
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