The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Valentines For One?

The highlight of my week so far is looking forward to the remote possibility that I will get to see my friend from Kamloops on Saturday night, not this heart and love “holiday”. That is if Thompson Rivers Univeristy [TRU] Men’s Volleyball team doesn’t win or lose 2 games straight Thursday and Friday night. If they split Thursday and Friday with a win and loss, then they go to a third game on Saturday night to determine the playoff winner – which would be a great game to see. I do hope, however, that they win both games because then my friend will actually get to spend Valentines day with her hubby [first time in four some odd years] and I can go drink my face off in a bottle of champagne with other single ladies to celebrate my new found life of celibacy[?] – a life path that I haven’t made by choice…well not entirely. Of late, I tend to not like any guy I’ve dated for longer than that one first date.
Sure I can go out and pick up some unsuspecting – desperate guy who wants an amazing girl low and behold does he know it’s for one night and one night only. But I don’t want that one and one night only. I want the one who I want around for everynight. Is that so much to ask?
Apparently so.
So admist the red hearts and pink streamers and endless amounts of chocolate that is abundantly and shamelessly being hocked at every drugstore and grocery store, I wander solo amongst the aisles. Determined not to indulge.
Well…not until it all gets the 50% discount on Feb. 15th. Then I can have a post Valentines celebration on Sunday night with fresh cut and chocolate covered strawberries all for one.
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