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30 min Run

That’s all I had in me yesterday. 30 min walk/run thing on the dreadmill. I was doing 2 and 2 for the first 20min then I just said “f*ck it” and ran for the last 12 min. All because the gym put a time limit on the dreadmills to 30min. So now there is really no way to complete the 45min run cycles if it’s busy. Another push for me to go outdoors.

Also, my shoulder was acting up. I’m not entirely sure how this is happening.

After 6 months of chiro and one shoulder check in floor hockey and no volleyball, my right shoulder is killing me. Not sure if it’s the flying to and from Reno last week [for work…noone voluntarily goes to Reno] or sleeping funny. All I know is that my right shoulder is KILLING me.

So now I sit here moving a mouse with my right hand trying to keep my right shoulder relaxed and pushed back and down. When the reality is I’d rather pull it out of the socket and bang it on the table. That’s would be bad right?

Hopefully it will stop snowing. Running this evening. Outside.


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  1. Ennyl Yarrum said:

    How’s the running going? Are you running outside?

    I took a week off of running…urg! I’m getting back to it tomorrow though!

    Hope you are doing well and kicking ass!

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