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terrible am i

oh i’m horrible! i was doing okay in Reno for food consumption….minus the two fast food laziness episodes…

but i only worked out once. ONCE all week.

this past weekend apparently chocolate, popcorn, diet coke [my complete nemisis] and dulce de leche ice cream were on the agenda of food consumption. Not to mention brunch at some louisiana food place on Granville Street after playing “golf” rather pitch ‘n putt. You know, to practice the short game. This weekend was a complete and utter right off. I don’t even think I’ve made any headway on my goals and what I have made, I completely blew off the last couple of weeks.

I think I need to reorganize my timetable.

I need time to do social things, but what I’m doing socially isn’t helping my overall healthy goal. Floor Hockey is the one thing that I’m continuing to be not too fond of. There are a couple more weeks left on the schedule. Five to be exact. I think I can hold out until then – I’ve missed three weeks so far. I’m sure work will rear it’s ugly head and deter me from attending again. I like watching but not really enjoying the playing part. But I’ve paid and I won’t give up. Maybe just not sign up for next year.

Softball is starting soon. That will take over Monday night activities. But that is really fun and much more enjoyable.

As for the rest of my schedule. I desperately need a plan and I need to figure out how to stick to it more regularly.

Dare I try and run in the mornings again?

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