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Trader Joe’s

Well it’s been one full week until I hit the treadmill again. Today. I did just that. I left the office at 5pm on the dot. Returned to the “high end” Best Western, and changed into the workout attire that I brought and hit the rickety old treadmill.
I’m not to comfortable running outside here in Reno. It’s not a sidewalk friendly city, especially where I am staying, right by the airport. In fact…there doesn’t seem to be a lot of sidewalks and I’m not in a residential area…so it’s all busy, busy, busy, busy streets. I know it seems like an excuse, but at least I still hit the dreadmill. I think I’m just spoiled by getting to run in Vancouver, where runners are everywhere.

So while I’m here in Reno, I’m trying not to eat out so much, therefore I stocked the fridge with pre-packaged salads and other protein meals. All thanks to Trader Joe’s. Ergo, I’m not spending 30 bucks each day. I spent $35 for all the groceries.

This begs the question. Why is food so gosh darn expensive in Canada?

Oh dear god. There’s chicken in my fridge at home in Vancouver. It’s going to be a bad science experiment by the time I get back.

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