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One week ago, the USA got a new Prez. So far, so good. People love to criticize don’t they. I say if the American’s critcize they can just take a look at the Canadian political landscape currently is and wonder if they have to pick their butt or scratch their nose. It’s a gong show that I am choosing to turn away. Because my headache is big enough.

Needless to say between work and my inability to date reputable men who don’t want to jump in my pants it’s been a crazy week since I last popped up on the blog. Work is crazy. Which is good. Job Security YAY!!!!

Men – meh! Friday night met up with a guy who just wanted to get one thing. But I’m skipping ahead here. Everything seemed normal. Nervous but good conversation. A drink or two. Some tapas. Not a lot of flirting though…not a lot of anything really. At the end of the evening, he offered me a ride home which was four blocks down the road, down the hill even. It was nice because it was so stinking cold out that I immediately accepted!

I soon found out, however, that like most men I’ve dated lately, they only want one thing! And ladies…we all know what the “thing” is. Now some may think I’m over reacting, however, I am not.

This guys ultimate desire was evident by his lunge across the console in the front seat of his mazda. His tight hold on my hair and unexpected smooch on my mouth. Obviously I was surprised. I kissed back though. And tried politely to say “thanks for the night and the ride I should go in, besides you have a long drive home” – It was 12:30am and I was a tad tired. Well…really tired. And he did have a 40min drive home. It took 30 more minutes of pretending to enjoy the kissing and keeping his hands away from my boobs, and from going under my blouse and away from my ass. Since when does a first date equate complete and utter gropfest???

anyone know any men in the Kitsilano area who aren’t looking to get into a girls pants?


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  1. Colleen_Katana said:

    Awwww, oh no!!! I HATE that! First date groping is never ok…well, unless it’s welcomed, of course.

    I unfortunately do not know any guys…let alone any good guys in the Kitsilano area. I do however know some good guys in Vancouver, WA in the USA. How close is that to you?? Maybe we can get ya some joint citizenship while we’re at it!!

  2. KennethSF said:

    Sorry to hear about your experience. It’s a shame your date didn’t put in more effort to get to know you before he put the moves on you. I promise you not all men behave this way, but I must admit there are a few rotten apples among us. Wish you the best of luck with your next romantic outing!

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