The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


Thursday update.

I haven’t done much this week.

Lets see…
The weekend I sat around either in a car or on a couch. It was comfy.

Monday night:
2min/2min walk/run on the treadmill
you know the drill

Tuesday night:
1min/2min walk/run outside with Crystal
some stretching
then home where I did some abs
OH and groceries i needed groceries

Wednesday night:
out with friends – important birthday dinner

Thursday night:
I’m still here.
At work.
My intentions of going home and having a run outside after work are not going to happen now. It’s freeeeeezing outside.
Vancouver has been in a cloud of fog for two weeks now. It’s suppose to be lifting just in time for more snow. yeah. fun.

I’m not going to Floor Hockey tonight.

I’m indifferent about floor hockey.

I like my team.

Not really a fan of the dirty players on the other teams and I hate getting hurt hurt. Sure a little banged up never hurt anyone…but seriously…some of these guys are just plain dirty. And when I get bumped to hard I’m not shy about it, but I’m not exactly good about it either. Maybe my temper flares up just a tad…okay..more than a tad. And I feel bad about it, embarassed even…because it’s not cool and i know that and all you want to do is have fun. But I don’t need an email lecture reminding me about that either. ya know? who wants that? do you? A lecture just makes it worse…but a question or a brief statment…is all that is needed. Especially when it’s friends. Or that’s my opinion anyways.

I feel though I need to give it a bit more time though to get back into the groove of it. But tonight I worked a little too late and considering the email in question came yesterday…why the hell would I want to go? Maybe next week I’ll go.

Hopefully tomorrow night i’ll make it to the gym…or maybe even volleyball???

hmmmm lets not get too far ahead of myself.

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