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Watching History

Today is a day when myself and my generation get to witness history.

Growing up I’ve always been fascinated with American history. For some reason it has held my interest more than Canadian history. Although the War of 1812 and the burning down of the White House by the British/Canadian army is something to note. This is how “nice” the Canadian influence is…even though British troops had gained control of Washington DC we did give it back.

Also as a child I remember being fascinated by American politics of the 1960’s. Loved learning about JFK, Martin Luther King & Mr. Bobby Kennedy. Three men whose ideas were so forward thinking some people were afraid of their power and influence on not only the American people but the world. So the solution was to assisnate them.

Who knows how different our world would be now if they hadn’t been taken away from the world so soon. It’s a good thing that people wouldn’t let their voices die.

Fast forward to January 20th, 2008. Inauguration Day. President-Elect Barak Obama is being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. I think we are all aware of the significance of the event. But the hope that this man brings to everything is unreal and necessary especially in light of all the changes that have occurred globally over the past eight years. I’m interested to see what this man can do and will do.

I know my mother remembers the hope and good that those three men instilled on people and she also remembers where she was the day JFK was assinated.

And I know that I will never forget where I was on this day as I sit back and watch the inauguration while I work.


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  1. Ennyl Yarrum said:

    I have to agree with you completely on this. It is such an immense honor to be a part of history and know that Obama has the power and spirit to unite and change a nation and it’s people. I will also never forget this day!

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