The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Last night was the first time in ages since I’ve run outside. I have been running/walking inside on the tread mill. But you put me outside and all of a sudden different muscles are working. Breathing is different. It’s definitely harder.

It’s nice to have a partner to run outside with at least once a week. Crystal and I are both walking and running and we are on the same schedule and same tempo. So it’s good. Hopefully we will stay comitted to meeting up. It’s hard. My schedule is sometimes unpredictable.

It’s hard to run outside during the week with the sun setting at 4:30pm. It’s all dark and dreary so it’s definitely not ideal for running solo. But if we have to do that we will.

Running outside is so much more pleasureable than running on a treadmill going nowhere. In fact you could just jump in one spot on a treadmill and probably not go flying off the machine.

Can’t say the same for my Ipod.


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  1. Ennyl Yarrum said:

    Hi, there! Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement!

    You are doing a fabulous job with your work-out routine, and, I agree, definitely having someone to hold you accountable is great.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll keep checking in.

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