The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


It’s hard to believe…but I don’t own big named brand stuff. You know that expensive stuff you walk by and go…”damn, if I had $400 to spend on that purse or shawl or dress or shoes…I would” you know…jimmy choos shoes, coach bags, gucci clothes etc.

I do own steve madden shoes & nine west shoes….but nothing like this…nothing at all.

Well that all changed last night. I went out to dinner with my best gal pal Lex. Now we don’t normally do gifts for xmas or bdays. We’d rather enjoy each other’s company get caught up on our lives because we dont’ see each other as much as we’d like. For her 30th bday I gave her a nice little Swarovski Angelic pendant necklace.

Then found out she’s not a fan of round diamonds…but she now is a fan of round crystal!!!! or she can return it and see if she can find a square crystal she likes. I’m thinking she can just take the cheese factor and run with it….a continuous circle is like our friendship…never ending. [As I type that…even I am having a hard time keeping breakfast down, but it’s kinda true]. One thing about Lex, we will always be connected by our past and respect each other and be in each others future….mainly because blackmail can be expensive and she’s got the goods for that and I’m not rich [neither is Lex, see the problem with the blackmail????]

Anyways…I digress.

I gave her the pendant and then we were talking about her recent New York adventure and we were talking about Coach bags. I would never buy one for myself but maybe for my 30th birthday I’ll hit up my friend who works for Coach for her awesome discount and buy myself one. Then outta nowhere. Lex pulls this lovely little blue patent leather purse. I think it’s the one she got on behalf of another friend. Nope. She hands it to me.

Lex – “Here you go”

Me – “Oh it’s cute, RockChick is gonna love this” [honestly thinking this was the bag she bought on RockChick’s behalf”

Lex – “It’s for you silly”

Me – “huh?”

Lex – “yes”

Me – salvating and petting the bag, infact hugging the bag. Not Lex. saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” singing “happy birthday to me….” [my birthday is in May] while staring at bag and not blinking.

Lex – “you’re hysterical”

Me – “huh?”

both of us – laughter

So…here it is…INTRODUCING my cute little blue patent leather Coach Bag.

The photo doesn’t give the light blueness credit…it looks navy from a distance…but it’s not really. Anyone know how to photograph patent leather????

So I’m off to the gym, then I’m going to the market. With my cute little coach bag. Me in my lululemons, grab a starbucks and rock my new bag. I now am officially a Kitsilano Resident.


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