The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


As I change my outlook about what I want for myself. I’m noticing things about my current circle of friends, 99% of it all good. But there’s that 1% that is starting to get to me. This 1% is really only one or two people and it’s not really constant…so it’s not really 1% but you get the idea.

One guy in this 1%, gave the reason for not inc. me on the list of people invited to his NYE party as it was “last minute” and it’s “too political”. The horses mouth also said something about wanting to invite everyone but can’t until he has use of his patio again…aka summertime.Thanks to inquisitive mutual friends was I able to drag this out.

I’m sorry…what? did I hear you right? huh? “last minute”???? – I have a phone and a bus pass…so last minute…I’m 20 min away! and it’s “too political”??? WTF am I a politician or are you? what up with that!

[oh did I forget to mention he said he might have people over to his place for New Years Eve, prior to said night? ummm yeah.]

So basically this is the biggest line of bullsh*t I’ve heard all year. Yes, all 9 days of 2009 – it’s a pretty big load of sh*t.

So all in all…chalking this one up to a boy just being a boy and having “boy tact”.

I could confont the horse on the bullsh*t, but eh…that would be girly of me, no?


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