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2009 revelations

After careful review of my financial situation. I’m not sure if I can actually afford a stellar trip. I’m currently looking into airmiles. If I can get the flight through airmiles, I can probably swing a grand for some sort of adventure. And I desperately need an adventure to somewhere sunny. The problem is, I do want to save my money – big time – for a pretty big purchase, but i need to be serious. very serious about saving the money.

Until then, I’m concentrating on taking care of my health. It’s about time. If you want to follow the insane journey…please feel free [lifestyle renovation], it’s good to be accountable. I started a new blog just for this awhile ago, because it deserves a spot in the limelight.

As for alcohol, my upchuck reflex kicks in everytime I even think about a cocktail. My body is having a physical reaction to the thought! Can you imagine if I actually had a drink? bleh.

I’m eating better already…still have a craving for the odd cookie hear and there, but mainly i’m eating a lot of salad and veggies. Still going to incorporate more veggies. The test will come on Friday lunch, when we [the cubicle wack-a-moles] go out for lunch, like we always do.

So the revelations have started and taking a cold hard look at my bank account and scale have been eye opening. It’s been a reality check. This past year I had such a good time with friends, that I don’t want to loose that, but I can’t afford [mentally and financially] to continue the binge drinking and staying out til 5am everyweekend. But I had fun and have no regrets. Just need to find another social outlet. Preferably one where drinking isn’t the social activity.

Hopefully as the days get longer and the weather warmer [ie bloody snow melts], these things will present themselves. Golf, walks, runs, hikes etc. until then, to the gym I go.


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