The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles


it’s the beginning of a new year.

and i have few decisions made.

2008 was the year of me.

well 2009 is to be the year of my health.

time to continue headstrong into the lifestyle changes and commit to them full force.

for the next 28 days. no alcohol. unless take last minute vacation with jodie to an all inclusive drink fest in mexico [hopefully that will be put off until February] and even then it’s a limit to my alcohol intake. hopefully this will save me a couple hundred a month.

start doing more activities.

the goal is to do a minimum of 1 hour of hard core activity a day. If not an activity, hit the gym. I have to get serious. especially if there is a threat of a bathing suit in February 🙂 Plus, i hate the way i look in pictures, hence why i don’t post any.

currently my activity schedule is light, thursday is floor hockey and if my social life really craps out, friday night i can hit the kits community centre for some vball….other than that, the treadmill and i are friends.

it’s either this or save for plastic surgery.

cheers to the new year and to a new body and a new life.

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