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2009 and counting

Normally,I would sit here and recount the events of this past new year’s and weekend’s festivities. There are some great stories of course, something about text messaging, moonshine [yes moonshine!]and bubbly in the dogdish [hehe, don’t worry, i changed the bubbly to water for the dog]. That was just a brief idea of what NYE was like, my weekend was far less exciting and more domesticated.
I think it’s time for me to jump on the wagon….or is it jump off the wagon??? whichever saying applies, I am going to go for 30 days of non-alcoholic beverages. My liver and more importantly my bank account have suffered long enough. There are so many things that I want to accomplish on the weekend that late night escapades and a bottle of bubbly are hampering those accomplishments. Because being 29 with a hangover, is not the same as being 20 with a hangover. Ergo, changes must be made.

There are exceptions to the rule however and these include the following:

1) vacationing at an all inclusive resort in Mexico [hopefully in February] or Las Vegas [hopefully in May].

2) wedding receptions.

3) celebratory cocktail at birthdays and anniversaries.

After 30 days, the occasional social cocktail at dinner or out with friends, is allowed, but must be careful not to overindulge.

There has just got to be a reason as to whether the next day becomes a write off or not.

Also…sleep. I need more of it. This will also help in accomplishing my goals of being at least mobile on weekends. Definitely need to get into some other activites other than floor hockey this winter…i might hit the volleyball court again….hmmm….

I’ve done this all before so it shouldn’t be to hard to do this again.

Now…if friends can’t be supportive of the goals…are they really friends???


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