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holiday hours

So here I am, working. I’ve been working through the holidays just not on stat days. Mainly because I didn’t want to take my holiday days on well…the holidays. I’m saving them for a better experience than just Christmas and New Years. Something like Mexico for a week or London, England for 2 weeks. Those are just thoughts, not actual plans.

But I digress. The holidays for me here have been uneventful. Diligently working away at a few tasks at work. Trying to make it to the gym amongst the four feet of snow and digging my car out of an alley way. [ My car is going to be stationary until spring at this rate].

I spent a total of 4 hours with my parents on Christmas day, no more/no less. Perfect amount of time. No arguments. However, mom is still trying too hard to be nice, but that’s a totally different story. Nothing to spectacular under the tree for me this year. No knight in shining armour. No hot half naked hottie wanting and waiting to bed me. *sigh* My visa however, bought me a Canon 10.1 MP EOS Rebel camera with 18-55mm lens. WHOOT! Finally! I’ll have pictures again! [ummm pictures to come]

My main Christmas event happened on Boxing Day when my two bestest gal pals came over and started the “Swizzle” party. I can’t repeat the entire evenings events, as they are too long and detailed and well….slightly private. I can tell you, my friend family rocks and if I didn’t have them, I might be the stuck at the bottom of the barrel trying to lick my sweat to combat thirst. Which is counter productive in of itself.

Currently it’s the day before New Years Eve and I’m still undecided about the festivities in which I’m going to partake in. I have a few options but there are still variables outstanding as to which one I’ll take. That decision will be made probably tomorrow. I have no idea what I want to do, what I do know is that whatever I do, I just don’t want to be alone.

Although I choose to live alone and for the most part rarely feel lonely, this is the one night of the year where that feeling of lonliness can crop up and rear it’s ugly head. This is when you get the ugly cry, watch The Sound of Music rerun on TV 4 times in one night and watch the world celebrate the highly overrated holiday of New Years Eve, but it’s the one holiday where there is no cure for.

So. I have my two bottles of bubbly [yes I said TWO] and I”m ready for a party, whether it’s a pajama party with the girls and watching SATC or whether it’s attending the 007 party where I know two people, but could have a tonne of fun as well. Either way, I won’t be solo and I won’t be lonely.

I hope you aren’t lonely either internet.


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