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the +/- of things

Stealing an idea from Pink Shoe Diaries, I am posting a +/- weekend update, because my brian hurts this monday morning and there was so much going on, I can’t even begin to get detailed.

+ year end review for work went really well
– my job load is increasing and i’m not the most organized person when it comes to time management

+ made an agreement to be civil with the ex so i can feel free to attend the mutual friends’ get togethers.
– the ex is going to be at said get togethers and i’d rather have icicles stuck in my eyeballs

+ went to biznatch’s bday party Saturday night and had such a good time playing rockband and having an indoor snowball fight.
– having to walk home 45min across Burrard Street bridge at 2am in the morning because of snow.

+ DH walked the same route home and had red wine at his place
– there was a foot and a half of snow, passed out on a couch and was hungover on sunday

+ the biggest snow fall in vancouver in ages
– the biggest snow fall in vancouver in ages

+ due to snow, guilt free excuse not to have to go in because the buses were full and not running on time or at all
– i felt like i had an obligation to be here, so i hitched a ride and i’m at work on the one day of the year you have a viable excuse not to be.

+ best friend from the loops is in town
– i have seem to misplaced her xmas/bday present….crap.

that’s about what’s been going on. and all i want to do is curl up in a ball and have a nap.


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