The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

monday nights

finally emerged from the weekend party mode last night and hit the treadmill at 8:15pm last night. did the run for 2:30 and walk for 2:30 – ran 11 times. did a few weights and the ab work out.

it was a long session at the gym and i didn’t get home and showered and on the couch until 10:45pm where i spent 45min of mindless watching of the damned digital cable box. now it’s morning and i hurt and i could sleep for another couple of hours.

at least i have heat again in the apt. heat is important so you sleep good.

also, everything hurts. three days without any physical activity doesn’t help the ultimate goal, especially when you indulge in cocktails and bottles of vino. i have to stop the weekend partying. it’s just hard as a single gal, but i need to not do anything this weekend…although i’m not sure how that’s going to fly.

for now…i must go to the gym tonight…well…at least tomorrow night.

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