The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

But You Gotta Have Friends…

Saturday was an eventful evening full of good food, good friends, & good laughs.

First was the Fork That dinner event at the BBYAPT, with about 6 of us bringing together each dish made with the ingredient cranberries. Next time it will be a different ingredient. From Cranberry Lasagna, homemade cranberry infused vodka, cranberry brie…yum and oatmeal cranberry cookies…it was a pretty darn good dinner. This little evening was followed up with the arrival of friends all decked out in a fun xmas hat. From antlers, santa hats to red and green jester hats that sparkle and had bells – it was just the beginning of the night.

Many of the guests were part of the FloorPlay floor hockey team and we all have an interesting bond as you can imagine. Since our team name is Floor Play, the jokes were aplenty. Something about Broners and Kitty Walks…really I can’t explain, but checking out Pylon’s website, might give you some inkling as to the path of the conversations. I seriously can’t go into it, I will laugh or get the meanings wrong, it’s almost one of those conversations that occurred with so many different people in the room and so many one liners dropped that you kinda had to be there.

It was like a meaning of the minds and I had too many giggle fits to count. I couldn’t stop laughing. You know that laughter that occurs and no sound comes out but your gut feels like you have had an amazing ab workout…that’s where I was at.

All I can say is that with friends like these and humour that they posses you don’t need enemies…and you can’t ask for much better friends.


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