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Drunk Friday Night

he’s cute, he’s hot, he’s fun, he knows it, he’s definitely not in my path.

went to an ugly xmas party with friends, met new friends, drank a lot, considering it’s 3:20am and I’m bloggin! but this new friend i met, definitely not part of my path. When a guy boasts that he is KING of the MOTORBOAT…i have fun with the convo and move on. Why? you may ask. Well…aside from the self explanitory definitions, he doesn’t fit the world of guys I want to date and hope beyon all hope [as it stands] for something more than fun and excitment.

There are a couple of things also working against this guy is that not only does he know he’s not a bad looking guy but he lives very close to Womyns’ wear on Commercial…and he’s a bit of a cocky bastard…. NEXT


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  1. Colleen_Katana said:

    King of the motorboat meaning actual boats that are in water? Or king of “motorboating” ie, the act of sticking your face between breasts and making a motor boat noise?

    If it’s the latter, you made the right choice. If it’s the former…you may STILL have made the right choice, but you may have gotten a nice boatride at sunset out of it. =0)

  2. it is the latter and i know i made the right choice regardless…just keep on partying 🙂

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