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too much shushi

so this past weekend was a bit of a bore, you would have thought that i would have made it to the gym at least once. alas, i did not.

i did however make it last night at 8pm, after my weekly dinner date with my friend Melissa where we sit and eat sushi while watching The Hills and The AfterShow. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, i can’t help you. and if you do know what i’m talking about and you scoff…well…deal with it.


i ate way too much sushi. my stomach was sooooo extended…i definitely had a sushi food baby on the way.

but i sucked it up [sort of] and went to the gym, which is conviently located across the street from Melissa’s place.

8pm i started my run/walk on the tread mill for 30 min. any longer than that i think i would have thrown up.

8:30pm some weights

8:45pm some stretching and 7min ab routine.

while i was living life large in the Yukon for work, my tent mates and I began doing the 7min ab workout after the workday had ended. since i worked at a computer all day and rarely did the hiking and traversing these other gals did, it was a welcomed addition to the daily routine. Kels used to coach swiming and was [still is] completely athletic so she lead the charge with the 7 min Abs.

the concept is simple – you do one ‘ab’ related move for 1 minute and then move onto another move for another minute etc.

basically it consists of
1min – normal little crunch
1min – leg lifts – leg extended straight out and go up and down, without hurting your lower back
1min – cross crunch to the left
1min – cross crunch to the right
1min – butt lift – legs straight up and propel your ass straight up in the air, try not to use momentum
1min – row boat – ick
1min – [hmmmm, i can’t remember the seventh…..crap, that means i only did 6min abs last night.]

then we added some other ab moves to increase our workout

1 min plank
1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
1 min extend left arm, extend right leg
1 min extend right arm, extend left left

so give or take 11-15min of ab work….

now the trick is to do this everyday!


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  1. Ennyl Yarrum said:

    I give you a ton of credit for going to the gym! Right now I’m having such a hard time making it there, or working out in general. Do you have any motivation tips? What helps get you there?

  2. My motivation is my closet! I want to fit back into the clothes I bought four years ago and only wore them briefly before I fell off the workout bandwagon. I also don’t want to continue to buy new clothes, especially jeans, but I had to buy a new pair [$20 at Winners (Canada’s TJMaxx but not as good)]

    Also the image of being on a beach somewhere warm with a fancy drink helps too.

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