The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

A Weekend of Nothing.

No Kidding. No big stories. No big adventures. No puking in the toilet.


I did nothing this weekend of interest other than the normal errands.

With the friends to the south doing some Black Friday shopping, I was inspired to see the deals on flat screen tvs and Canon DSLR cameras. Both of which I’m in the market for, and welcome any xmas gifts in the form of a gift card from Future Shop to put towards these purchases. [*hint*hint*]. There are deals out there, but I’m still Scottish, therefore, I’m cheap.

Also, I’m waiting with fingers crossed that I win the lotto. The 2010 Olympic Lotto that is. We will see. Me and 300,000 other Canadians have put our names in to grab gold medal tickets. I truely hope Team Canada lives up to the expectation that the nation has put on them, only a year and a bit out. Between now and Dec. 10th, I should find out.


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