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the EX chronicles

What a crazy weekend o’ fun! So many different stories happened, but the situation I was in last night…I seriously can’t make this shit up!

A friend of mine, Crazy Croat, is leaving the country in two days for the middle east UAE area for a job. So obviously there had to be a party. Ironically, this is the mutual friend I have with my ex, “D” , and through whom I met my ex. Therefore it was safe to assume that D was going to be there. There are also a few other people with whom I’ve become friends with that are also friends with D. So this whole situation is getting a bit messy.

So in preparation for this inevitable encounter, I had informed D through MSN that I would be at the party. The conversation on MSN was extremely awkward. Pretty much the dude asked for a gift back because he forgot he gave it to me as a gift. Because it was a $7.00 DVD I wasn’t completely heart broken, however, my reaction was less than stellar, because who the fuck asks for a gift back? Who cares about the gift, it’s the principle! Regardless, I gave it back to him through another mutual friend, prior to the party. Anywhoodle, I’m digressing. Basically somehow he still ended up thinking I wasn’t going to

Even with being still hungover from Friday night’s apres work session [that lasted from 3:30pm to 1:00am], I arrived last night promptly at 8pm at the Regional Tasting Lounge with my golfing buddy TR, so she and I would actually get to speak with Crazy Croat before the rest of the 40 some odd people were to arrive. Found out the deets of his new job and caught up a bit. And decided that a couple of cocktails were in order.

By the time I was on my third White Peach and Pomegranate Champagne Bellini [YUMMMMY] and sitting with TR and other ladies, TR reached across the table and tapped my arm and did the “he’s here” nod. Yeah…I heard him before she even did that. D has never been one to be subtle especially after drinking with DTM and friends. And he still didn’t think I was going to be there. Thankfully there were a lot of peeps around to run interference. He eventually saw me as I was giving a hug to DTM and he giving a hug to someone else. The wide eyed look of surprise when he realized I was there was the only time he and I interacted. Neither of us even attempted to say hi. It was the elephant in the room for sure. We both kept navigating away from each other.

I did go to the washroom at one point and upon returning from that and the bar back to TR and the table, D was sitting there. Fair enough. I just stopped dead in tracks and mumbled out loud “guess I’m not going there”. Random nice guy and gal at bar were like “why not?” and I did a brief explanation – “the ex factor”. And smiles and nods were had. Gotta love it.

Eventually the Regional Tasting Lounge closed the bar and everyone started to depart. TR, her BF, MaBoob and I went to the Yaletown Brew Pub for about an hour. Where sitting at the bar with TR, my boob shirt worked and a random guy Jon came over and said “Hi” and ended up with my number. The dude lives in Kitsilano and is over 30, but not too old. The only thing I didn’t ask was if he was married or had a girlfriend…..but eh…whateves, it’s all in good fun and if I don’t hear from him, I’ll live. It was seriously a short 5 min encounter. But I give the guy credit for having the balls to come up and say “hi” to my boobs, I mean me. And even though he went back to his friends, there were some across the bar glances. What better way to work on the flirting! All in good fun.

Jon texted me at 2am…saying “hi, it’s jon, nice me”. I heart drunk texting, it made me laugh. I replied “nice me too :)” and I hope he didn’t take it as mocking, I was just having fun….maybe a little bit of mocking, but it was cool. If he calls again, sure lets go get a drink, if he doesn’t, no harm done. It’s nice to meet a neighbour.

Anyways, I got home at 2:30am, with all my money and wallet in order as oppose to last weekend. And only by 5pm did I feel normal again. Just in time to get ready and organized for work tomorrow. [crossing fingers I still have a job tomorrow].


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