The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

So I think my heart is hopeful and romantic until I become logical and then my heart becomes fickle and fleeting.

Latino Boy and I have dated for about five weeks and him living 45 minutes away has taken its toll on my commitment. I’ve done the mini long distance thing before and I’m not about to do it again for just a bit of fun or one of the “Friends with Benefits”. I might as well revert to my 18 year old self if I do that. Who needs to repeat their relationship of 10 years ago being a “friend with benefits” to a guy who lives in Ladner! Been there. Done that. Never to Repeat.

So, last night on the phone we both decided that although there is a connection, it isn’t strong enough to warrant the 45minute minimum drive on a good day [aka non rush hour]. Especially when neither of us really have any other reason to leave our little worlds which don’t intersect except for the fact that we met randomly at a bar in Vancouver.

It’s all just disappointing, especially since it’s the first time in years that I have met a guy where passion and that instant click were there. But really, why prolong the inevitable.

So…because phone calls are not really the best way to communicate about this stuff, we are going to meet up on Sunday at 2pm…unless my fickleness re-appears. I’m not really convinced we need to meet up. I think though we do get along but really don’t know each other very well, maybe being friends and seeing what happens from there will be good. Ultimately, I don’t think we will be “special friends” and we are free to date others……soo…that just makes us friends right? bleh men always think they can have their cake and eat it too.

In the mean time, my fickle & fleeting heart is open to all possibilities until someone comes along and squelches that whole fickle & fleeting part.



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  1. Colleen_Katana said:

    Don’t let him have his cake and eat it too!!!! Well, unless of course it’s what YOU want as well. =0)

    Just found your blog and I think it’s super cute. Just thought I’d say hi!

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