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Yesterday, the Detroit Red Wings beat the Vancouver Canucks, 3-2. Even though the Canucks beat them in Detroit, yesterday nights game was a good kick in the pants for the Canucks. It was a sh*tty hockey game to watch. The first two periods were ridiculously boring hockey. I just like watching good sport and if you pay money to attend these ridiculously priced games, you as a consumer, want to get your money’s worth. The third period was good hockey. Good goals and the crowd finally got into the game.

It didn’t really matter though ultimately if I saw a good game or not. I was fortunate enough to recieve two box seat tickets to the game. I did invite my big bro, to repay him for the numerous games he has taken me too over the years, but since he moved to the island, it’s difficult for him to get back for the game. So, I could have taken the Latino, but since he’s not that big of a fan of hockey and it was an event with my colleagues, I decided to bring my cousin Meg.

Free box seats, free food [good food inc. steak, potatoes, prawns, shrimp, not too mention the salty snack table and the Guinness Cheese]and an open bar, it was not that bad of a game after all.

I am now Meg’s favorite cousin…ask her…she’ll tell you!

Thank you employment.



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  1. Ooooh, sorry my hometown team beat you guys! I don’t follow them, but since I know you follow the Canucks, I’ll be sure to cheer for your team next time. ;o)

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