The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

10 days later…nothing

my home computer is still dead.

my friend who is working on it hasn’t even given me an update. infact i think they are too busy to look at. so busy, that i’m having a hard time getting in contact to see if i can get my computer back and take it to a place where i will pay to have them tell me that it’s the video card that needs to be replaced or that my computer is dead and i should start digging a grave for it’s final resting place. to rust and disentigrate for millions and millions of years. not to mention my external harrdrive which died and houses all my pictures and personal documents that make my world all sparkly and happy. OH and a back up of my music. so i backed up my world and both things die against me.

what did i do in my life that warranted such bad luck with computers??? this isn’t the first time the secret computer society has lashed out at me like this.


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