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He Is A Legend.

Last night, my friend KJ and I went to see Neil Diamond in concert at GM Place here in Vancouver.

I know it might seem an odd choice for two twenty-somethings to go and do on a Saturday night and you might be wondering how KJ and I decided to attend such an event.

It started at a Nearly Neil [aka Bobby Bruce] show at the Coppertank Bar in Vancouver in April 2008. KJ had scored some free tix from the beer rep and on a Wed. night we proceeded to the bar and had a jub of beer and shared a pizza. And I joined in Song Sung Blue on stage with Nearly Neil.

Through the course of the evening, KJ and I made a pact that for our 30th year on this planet we were going to see Neil Diamond wherever he is on tour. Deal was made.

Upon searching the Internet the next day, it was determined that Neil Diamond was touring Europe and no indication of his 2009 tour schedule…just yet.

Literally a couple weeks later, an annoucement came. Neil Diamond was coming to North America. EVEN BETTER. Neil Diamond was coming to VANCOUVER. FANTASTIC.

I got tickets reserved through a friend whom I just met at the Sun Run. It was all meant to be.

They were great seats.

We did bring down the median age of the entire event. You want to see a bunch of middle aged non dancing adults. Go to a Neil Diamond concert and have seats in the arena as opposed to the floor. Regardless, KJ and I didn’t care. We sat when we sat, danced when we danced, and talked when we talked. Although we did get a “Did you girls enjoy that song?” from a 50 something woman behind us. I guess that was her way of saying stop talking so I can enjoy Neil Diamond’s new song from his new album. It was fantastic. All we could do was laugh.

Opening with Holly Holy, singing hits such as Forever in Blue Jeans, Beautfiul Noise, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Sweet Caroline x2 and encoring with Cracklin’ Rosie & Brother’s Love Travelling Salvation Show. Combined with his comand of the stage and his ability to make the best entrance I’ve ever seen. Love the stage and how it’s plain and simple with moving platforms. Neil doesn’t need to walk from one side of the stage to the other. He is that much of a legend. One thing about Neil that I noticed, he really plays to the audience around the stage rather than the back. Who cares though. It’s Neil Diamond.

To come full circle, Nearly Neil [Bobby Bruce] was there on the floor watching Neil Diamond.

It was a fantastic way to celebrate our 29 years on the planet. What will we do to celebrate our 30th birthday now?

Neil Diamond is the consumate showman.

Neil Diamond is a legend.


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