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It’s all about the FloorPlay

last night i went back in time to a period of my life which i must admit wasn’t really all that great. it was when i was 12 years old and had to play games in gym class. games such as dodge ball, hand ball and floor hockey. last night i played floor hockey. as expected i have not developed a great love for those intramural sports that you played while growing up. so you wonder why would someone want to play a game that they don’t really like. one word answer. Friends.

our team, FloorPlay, is full of great people with a lot of enthusiasm. and the jokes, oh dear the jokes. with a name like FloorPlay i think it’s expected that we don’t take ourselves too seriuosly. we are all about having fun and hopefully not getting beat up while playing against the other teams. we don’t have scheduled lines, we don’t have set plays, we don’t have a superstar BUT we do have fun. that is the only reason why i’m playing. these people are fun.

it’s all about the FloorPlay

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