The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Okay….not sure where I’m going in this post, but sooo much is running through my head…

First, dare I ask the question, can financial forecasts be directley related to my health?

I get put down and out with a cold all last week. And over the weekend [after a 2 bottle of wine to kill the cold boat party and a wicked hangover to boot] the US Financial Market goes BOOM!

I swear its directly related. And as I am on the mend. The market has got to be too…right? RIGHT????

Don’t ruin my rose coloured glasses….I’m still paying for them.

I must say I’m holding on and hanging in there with my investments. It’s got to rebound at some point.

I don’t disclose my work situation often, however, working for a publically traded company in resources where NOONE is investing, is a bit disconcerning. I don’t even look at our numbers anymore. The upside is that this would be the time to get some stock options going. Too bad it’s not a good time to renegotiate the contrat to include stock options! Hopefully the company rides out the xmas season and projects start coming in the new year and the world will turn around.

Cause and Effect right?

Cause – American greed in the housing market with sub prime mortgages for single family homes which some [read a lot] of families could not afford.

Effect – Massive world financial down turn.

Somehow the balance of cause and effect don’t seem to be related.

I am not a political person by any means, however, with Canada going to the poles on October 14th, I did have to laugh at a news post from the Stephen Dion camp attributing Canada’s financial woes to Stephen Harper not doing anything to but Canadians in a better place. ummm yeah…because Stephen Harper controls the stocks….and the US financial market. I think Bush maybe more responsible for this and his financial advisor, Dick Cheney.

Who knows what the American public is going to do at the polls in November, it’s too close to call right now. However, I’m torn between my personal beliefs and what pays the bills. Personally I align with Democrats, professionally, I align with Republican. How that translates into Canada you might ask? personally – Liberal; professionally – Conservative.

So in light of the financial situation the world is diving into, how do I vote? what is the less risk option so I can keep a roof over my head, food on the table and more importantly, shoes in my closet?

now what.

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