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Penalty Shots…again

Another Saturday night has come and gone. An evening that was to consist of a bottle of wine and low key company, turned into an evening of shots, dancing and loosing my Fossil watch. *sigh*

At least I avoided the Penalty Shots. The dumbass bartender Saltine aka Brian, made the table a round of lemoncello something or others where the rims are to be lined with Sugar NOT salt. Needless to say the bitter aftertaste almost invoked my upchuck reflex. So Saltine had to do a Penalty Shot. The Bar Manager made him do it. We were very supportive of this maneauver shouting “PENALTY, PENALTY” from across the bar.

Then dancing where we had no cover and no line up. Gotta love those types of friends. However, I did loose my watch about 5min before we were to leave. When I passed out at 3am at home, I seriously thought that losing my watch was a just a dream. Alas, it is a reality.

Playing golf the next day was interesting…but I did it. Now to keep on practicing. I think this game could potentially run my spare time. Even in winter. Gotta love Vancouver.


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