The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

weekend warrior….kind of.

as the weekend approaches i have to make a plan and stick to it. i think it’s safe to assume i’m not one for the gym, so i’m trying to do things that are active.

currently i’m just talking the talk.

walk more. nope.

start running. not allowed. esp after my softball flight experiment, my knee is still not 100% and therefore i’m a bit skeptical to strain it.

floor hockey. starts in a couple weeks. playing with a team whose main idea is to have fun. i hate floor hockey so therefore i’m hoping i won’t be competative about winning vs losing and therefore have fun. our captain has yet to call a team meeting so we don’t even have a name yet. but hopefully we will soon, as the puck drops two weeks from now.

next on the to do list is golf. i start golf lessons on Sunday. i don’t necessarily have the 300 to pay for them, that’s what a credit card is for, but it should be good. i’m going to hit up Golf Town tomorrow morning and see if i can get a sweet deal on golf shoes and pants as the golf season is coming to an end. got to at least look the part. after i learn to play a bit i should be able to hit the island with some pals and strut my stuff on the links. or learn how to drink and play at the same time.

it’s a busy weekend, but i’d also like to get in a bike ride or a walk. if i had foresight i would have worn my runners to work so i could walk the 45 min home today. but alas, i’m going to have to hit home and then find the gumption to get off the couch and change into comfy’s and go for a walk as the sun sets. something tells me this part of my plan is not really thought out. at least i have a watch that works again. this should make it easier…no?

weekend fun, here i come.

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