The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Fashion in Vancouver has always been a bit delayed, but of late, through technology, it seems to be on the for front. Although I’m convinced the city uniform is lululemon pants, a hoodie and a starbucks coffee.

Anyhoodle, walking towards the Bay along Dunsmuir and Burrard, there were two girls. I’m going to peg them as late teens/early 20s, however, they could have been younger. These two girls looked similar…their fashion style was identical to a page out of teen vogue or something.

Both had slouchy black boots, short jean skirts, tightly fitted tank tops [one wore pink, one wore black], both wore the SAME black and checkered scarf thing that is ALL the rage. Both had a skinny headband with their hair pulled back in a loose bun/ponytail thing. But the best thing was the bags. Both had the same style of bag, hobo slouchy thing, and while the girl who wore the black tank top had a hot pink bag, which was the same colour as the other girls hot pink tank top. And that girl had a black bag.

They seriously looked like twins, as they strutted down the street thinking their all the rage. Next time I’ll seriously take a picture and figure out how to get it off my phone.

Now. I’m not fashionista, I like certain things, but I’m not a slave to fashion, therefore I normally don’t mock or wonder about those who do. however, there is something to say about individuality and how it is sorely lacking if these girls want to be “just like” someone else.

Bring back individuality.


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