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Penalty Shots

A weekend for the ages. Amongst all the events, Saturday nights drinking endeavour resulted in a new drinking game. A dangerous one that has many consequences.

The Game – Penalty Shots

The Loser – me

The Winner – debateable, it aint the friend that had to pay for all this debauchery that’s for sure.

The game works like this. If you sing a long to a song and you screw up the words you have a shot. Usually it would be a shot that the bar gave on the house because the game is pretty darn good…therefore something called Firewhiskey???? was used. I HATE CINAMMON. Almost spewed on the bar and bartender and friend [foe?] who determined this was a fun game for me to play. That’s right…just for me. Noone else got dinged. Only me. Dudes and Dudettes. I can handle a fair amount of alcohol…but not that much alcohol. Especially while indulging in Double Vodka Crans.

By the time we left bar No. 1 I didn’t need anymore drinks.

Bar No. 2 – bad vibes, lights came up 30 min of being there.

Bar No.3 – good vibes…too much drunken introspective conversation with Friend/foe of the Penalty Shot drinking game. Lights came up…

Time check. 4 am.

BrownGalPal that was hanging out with us was definitely game to go to some random dudes place for a dance party. Random dudes were 23/24.

Ultimately I didn’t get home until 6:30ish am Sunday morning.

How old am I????? Amazingly enough I didn’t hurl. I had some Tylenol [thank god] and I lived.

I alos uttered those famous last words. “I’m never drinking again”.

Last night a girlfriend came over and amazingly 2 bottles of wine went down without a hitch.


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