The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

bridges play mindgames

I used to be pretty good at walking to and from work. About 3-4 years ago, it was the religious thing that I did every morning rain or shine. That was when I didn’t have a bridge to walk over. Something about having to go over a bridge, makes the distance feel that much farther away.

The mind plays funny tricks on you.

So I’m now trying to get a 45min walk into my schedule.

This is relatively easy as I live pretty close to work., Normally I would take the ever green choice of the bus. This bus ride can take 45min inc. the time it takes to walk to the bus, wait for the bus, watch the bus go by full in the AM, watch the second bus go by because it’s not the right bus, and then get on the bus for the 10-15min ride to get to downtown Vancouver and then walk the 2 blocks to work. I think you get the drift that I do not live that far away from where I work. Therefore instead of the 30-45min on the bus adventure. I am now making the comittment to myself to walk at least one way everyday. Yesterday I walked home from work, today I walked to work.

I think I might just walk home too after the gym. Vancouver is having an absolutely gorgeous summer.

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