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becoming a humpback?

so i’ve seen my Naturopath and am taking some natural things…like fish oil and glucosamine something or other etc. etc. also i was told to see a Chiropractor regarding all the pins and needles that I’ve been getting. and not at all surprising…my shoulder problem that i have had for years is the ultimate cause of my feet. i just over did it playing beach volleyball one day five weeks ago and aggrevated these minor systems enough that it is now a chronic problem. it doesn’t help that my shoulders are rounded forward and i’m developing a hump.

i’m 29 and i’m developing a hump because of poor posture.

that’s it.

i’m getting a boob reduction.

i’ve started looking into it seriously, asking friends about plastic surgeons. well those who have had augmentation and those who work in the industry. it’s not like it’s a small procedure. we’re talking two weeks min out of comission. good bye South American vacation, hello bed rest. but first, i have to figure out which plastic surgeon to see and get assessed. with any luck this shouldn’t be seen as a cosmetic procedure where i’ll have to pay out of pocket. hopefully the many years of contributing to the health care system will come back for me and msp will cover it.

in the meantime. go to naturopath, go to chiropractor, continue my quest to drop the equivalent weight to my boobs…soo..what…400lbs each???

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