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So, This Was My Idea?

My Idea:

Mount Gardner, Skid Trail, Bowen Island, BC, Canada.
Hike right off the ferry. 8km up + 8km down = 16km of pain and accomplishment.

View from the top facing North East, Vancouver city is just to the right.
To the Top. 2.5 hours up this is me:

Me at the helicopter pad, taking a rest – I seriously almost turned back…I was so tired and hungry….then I thought to myself.

SELF let your fat reserves in your favour work here.

About 10/15 mins after the start of the decent, as you can tell I was feeling better.

Where we should have had lunch, this was on the way down the mountain on the north side. View facing North , gorgeous.

Basically everyone should check this hike out, pretty stinking awesome once you get to the top.

I won’t lie, it’s a long way up and although the markings are good, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll just do the circle loop at the top and not make it to the heli pads, which is where you want to go to be able to see the city views and hear the crickets and watch the dragon flies.

There is a pub just before the ferry home. That was a nice incentive to finish without hitchhiking from the trail head. Although I was very tempted to do that.

It’s day two of recovery from the 16km walk from the ferry to the top and although I’m a little stiff through out my entire body, its my toes that took the brunt of it. Note to self, buy hiking boots.

Obviously, this city girl will do whatever it takes to find a way to shop!


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