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I must be nuts.

After a weekend of R&R. Literally, I slept 56 hours from Friday 7-pm until Monday 6am. Nice. I know. Not sure if that is ‘relaxation’ necessarily, but it is definitely some rest. Which obviously my body and mind needed esp in light of recent weeks and events. Besides sleeping off the previous weeks of crazy, I have renewed my effort to get back to healthy living.

So, now I’m trying to get into a routine of early morning workouts, so that I can still have some sort of a life in the evenings. Currently, it’s not off to a tremendous start.

Yesterday, my alarm went off at 5am, I promptly changed it to 6am and woke up fresh as a daisy. This morning my alarm wet off at 5am and promptly changed it to 6am. This is not looking that good.

I really have to start dragging my ass out of bed at 5am and get to the gym or go for a walk/run or do at least one sit up. The whole idea being that I’d get a good work out in and into the shower by 6:30am to get ready to leave for work no later than 7:30am.

Ideally I would do one hour in the morning…5 days a week and then if I feel up to it [aka have nothing else to do] do a workout or an activity requiring more effort than channel surfing after work. I want to play volleyball again without injury! I want to learn how to salsa and I want to be able to walk up more than 3 flights of stairs without feeling as if I’m grasping for air. Geez I’m giving the impression that I’m a phone call from Richard Simmons and removing a window and lowering me from my apt with a crane, this is not the case. Plagued by injuries and surgery, this is where I’m at.

The reason for all this craziness is that I miss my dancer body – posture, I miss my athletic body – strength and if you miss something…you do all in your power to get it back.

So yes two times a day is a bit nutty, but I need to be focused and strong as I work towards this goal. That means no junk. That means strict calorie counting to get to the goal and then a nice maintenance schedule once there. And I need to be held accountable not only by myself but by others…so now that you, my fellow bloggers, know of my plan, I have to keep moving forward to accomplish it. Because I don’t like looking like a fool who doesn’t complete the task at hand.

So…who do I pummel for bringing Cookies By George into the office this morning???


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