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Oh What A Night!


My friend family is awesome.

Saturday night I had members of my friend family over to help me celebrate my birthday. On the buffet included doritos, home baked cookies, homemade hummus & Babba Ganoush [i seriously need to give up trying to make], veggies, fruit and cheese & crackers. Approx. 10 people, tonnes of food and barely any left overs. It was fantastic. I didn’t even have to try and refill the buffet because well…I had put everything out there. Not to mention the bar was fully stocked with mixers, lemons and limes, shot glasses and a bottle opener. Everyone brought their own drink of choice and the festivity began promptly at 8pm.

By 10pm everyone was there and I was allowed to open the present from Warz and DancerGirl.
To be different from everyone else, they didn’t bring booze, nope they brought a box, neatly wrapped up in a bow. Upon taking the wrapping paper off, I discovered a La Senza box. Oh Dear.
In the box I was then instructed to open each gift in a specific order as there were about 5 different little things.

1. Ghirardelli chocolates – only my favorite chocolates in the whole wide world…specifically Caramel. YUMMMMY

2. A hand book on how to make shots.

3. The S Factor book inc. a chapter on “how to coiff your muff 101”. seriously.

4. a package of ONE Condoms that looked like a sunglass case and they were all different types such as “Studded” “Spicy” “Glow in the dark” yeah….you get the drift. But because of the packaging, the items were inconspicuous when in the purse, however, tragically difficult to open in heat of passion.

5. Lingerie. YES. It was a nice little two piece, undies and sexy top…with three straps…yes…three. Now…One…my best buds got me lingerie. Two…it had three straps…KJ had to show me one strap went around the neck halter style and the other two over the shoulder??? *sigh* friends.

With friends like that…I don’t ever need to have a stagette or any type of shower party!!!

It was all in good fun although I’m still waiting for the hot man and a Pole 🙂

I did learn a few things as I embark on my LAST year in my 20s.

1. NEVER try to pole dance after drinking a bottle of vodka and while at a Bar, before you even attempted to read the book The S Factor and try and learn some moves while sober. Because you just looking bloody ridiculous. AND you hurt the next day.

2. How to talk your way out of a beat down by a bonified lesbian, not because I wanted to learn this skill, but because I had to learn this skill. I think the girl thought I was 19 [thank goodness for natural curly hair and the ability to look like your 22 at all times *knock on wood*] therefore she thought I would fall for the task of hitting her first. I didn’t.

All in all the night was faaaannntastic. The best part was coming back to my humble abode and getting out of the cab and my friend Kat looks down on the apt. building stoop and says “Oh hey…here’s my drink” only four hours prior she had left it there before getting in the cab.

Thanks to the friend family. Good memories for years to come. ANd for now…i need home for a rest and my liver needs some recovery time.



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    so are the condoms still gathering dust?

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