The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

So the wedding is over and all my premonitions came true. M&S are sickenly happy which is how they should be and Mom and I….are in the throws of the rebuilding of the Berlin wall. How I hate it when the entire premonition comes true.

Mom and I had a disagreement. She said some disbarraging results and then 20min later believed everything to be okay. Typical.

Well…my typical response was to let bygones be bygones. Not this time. I’m done. I’m tired. And no mediator can make a reversal of fortune.

Four years of trying to have a positive mother/daughter relationship have gone by the wayside as far as I’m concerned. So let the cold war begin. I see a future of cordial phone calls and polite conversation. Time to make my own family – gotta love the friend family and believe me I do.

OH and my liver is extremely happy to be home. I think it might give me a pink slip and pack it in if I keep on drinking.

Party Friday & Saturday!!!!


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