The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Well my birthday is this Saturday and I get to celebrate it by attending my brother’s rehersal dinner. You read right. My 38 year old brother is getting married this Sunday in Monterey, CA. As it’s Memorial Day weekend and usually the busiest American travel weekend of the year, so it’s no big deal to throw my well earned time off to take two days off to go to Monterey.

Nope not at all.

It doesn’t cost $400 CDN a plane ticket, $179 US/night hotel room, $94 CDN dress, $170 CDN shoes, $100 CDN accessories not to mention food. It’s probably cheaper to go with an empty bag to Monterey and shop there for a dress etc. But that’s not how I role…I like to be ready and prepared.

So I’m going to the wedding….not sure what to get them for a wedding gift, since they live in Vancity too, so what’s the point of taking a gift. I think my attendance at the wedding and rehersal dinner [aka my birthday party with 25 strangers] should be a present enough!


Okay…how about a jello mold?


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