The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Swhizztler and Sevens

This past weekend has been exciting and absolutely crazy!!! Whistler is a great place to spend 3 days and 4 nights on a girls weekend. Celebrating BrownGal’s “Dirrrty Thirrrty” bday, we started the weekend off right with early getaways from work and drove the 2 hour drive up to Whistler to stay in HH’s sister’s cabin.

Arrived at 9:00pm, 9:08pm first beer was cracked. The swizzling had begun. Swizzle sticks were also up for grabs!

After settling in, I learned a new drinking game, that if I had been privy to this game in my youth I would be stellar at the 7’s timestable and my math grade would have been markedly better than what it was. The fundamentals of the game are you sit in a circle with your cronies and swizzle of choice and start counting. On your turn if you are suppose to say ‘seven’ you MUST say ‘pass’ or ‘switch’ instead of ‘seven’. Now…this includes multiples of seven. It is said by HH’s other half that if we get to 28 were doing really well, and BrownGal added that if “you hit 42 you are too sober”. I reccomend this drinking game to all, as no cards or pieces other than your knowledge is required.

The weather was spectaculr and I reccomend everyone to go to Whistler in the summer time. No other place has luxury of a night life, lying on a dock on a lake with snow covered mountains as your view.

Therefore Swizzle + Whistler = Swhizztler.


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