The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

So this past weekend, I started the apt. transformation.

Dropped a whole crap load of mula at Home Sense [nice stuff for good prices…gotta love the clearance section!] as well as painted an accent wall. The accent wall, is a different colour to that of the rest of my apt. which is WHITE. So…needless to say, some individualism was required as all rentals tend to be white. So with permission of my landlord and with no colour restrictions. My friend Red and I chose Chocolate Mink.

So I stirred the paint and dipped in my cutting tool and I went away at painting. Trying to make the first coat as even as possible. Fast forward to three coats later. There are streaks and then my OCD-ness kicks in…now I’m obsessed with the streaks. I can’t believe there are roller streaks on my wall!!!!!!! Not only the streaks, but the wall is so dark it’s almost Ebony. There is no way i’m painting another wall…the fear of having to repaint this wall when I move took over my common sense. So I stopped.

I put the furniture back to the way it was and turned away to focus on the butter yellow curtains flanking the living room and dining room windows. Sighed. And walked away. It was the only course of action that didn’t have me break out in a sweat.

I looked at the dark chocolate wall the next day and determined that I could live with it…as I always have my back to it anyways.


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