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Colour is Scary!!!!!

I feel like a grown up in a grown up place! A mirror has been hung, pictures on the walls, and brand spanking new curtains. Champagne yellow…yummmy….guess I’ll need to celebrate my brithday with some good champagne punch 🙂

The other thing I want to do with my place is paint. I have permission from the landlord to go ahead with accent colours as he will give me paint to paint over whenever the time comes for me to leave this place. However, that is not the point of this dilemma.

The dilemma is the paint colours. I purchased them before the curtains magically appeared from my mother’s shopping skills. 6 panels of brocaide, black out style, champagne colours for 8 bucks…not bad if I do say so my self. Right, back to the paint colours….I purchased chocolate mink and Waterfall blue. So the wall opposite the wall of windows is to be the brown and the waterfall colour is to be the living room side of the kitchen wall.

The waterfall colours matches the stove and fridge light teal colour. Yes. My stove and fridge are light teal. Yup. It’s 1970 here with the dark 1970s kitchen cupboards.

I must admit I love this place the more I put time into the decor and my furniture… but now I’m worried about the colour choices. Whether I do indeed put the waterfall blue on the wall……I think I might have to post a pic eh?

Painting is this Saturday. I wonder if I have the guts to do this. Colour is scary!!!


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