The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Wow…time is flying!!! I can’t believe it’s almost May!!!

I have 26 days to continue to kick my butt in gear and look fab in the dress I bought…well two dresses…neither of which are in my closet as one is getting some tailor work and the other dress has to come from Kelowna. Both are the same style just different colours and both were on sale. So…sue me. One is solid navy blue and the other is black with white polka dots – both halter style dresses and great fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and is fantastic for dancing!

I have to admit the month of April has been less than productive towards my goal. Mainly due to my adductor injury and although it’s not 100%, it’s close to it, but still a bit weak. Now I have a new personal trainer, and I think there will be more focus and better suited for me.


now to get rid of the cold that I can feel coming!! Cold FX, Echineaca, anything bring it on!!


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