The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Pick an order, but I must say I think I did more shopping than working! Hit the Summit outdoor mall where there is a shuttle to get you around the area. Yes. That’s right, a shuttle. I was on a mission on these shopping escapades. I need a dress for my brother’s wedding. Yes the same wedding that is the day after my birthday in Monterey, CA in May [as you can tell I’m still extremely thrilled about the date and location.] So I still haven’t found a dress but I did find, 4 pairs of cute cute shoes [pics to come later], pair of pants [which will fit properly by the wedding], an awesome scarf, jewlery, a hot pink shirt which is fab! and of course…a black jacket with white piping. It’s fantastic!!! I haven’t looked at my Credit card yet, but I think it needs a vacation of it’s own.

As a result of these excursions, I’m officially going to go and gamble at the penny slots after work. Why you may ask? I have to somehow pay for all the clothes that I bought!

Yes I did indeed bring an additional duffle bag down for my gym attaire [because I made it to the gym???] and am going to check the bag full with overflow from my main suitcase.

I think next time, I’m going to come down with a carry on with the essentials and then going to go shopping for luggage and clothing. Yup…that’s what I’ll do.

Also, I got to leave work a bit early yesterday and head to Lake Tahoe. It is the biggest lake in North America and it’s amazing how clear the water is, but again, it is an alpine lake, so I guess it’s not really amazing.

Off to the motel for one more nights sleep than to the airport at the crack of a$$ dawn for departure home to Vancity. Athough the sun is nice to have everyday, I do miss home, although going home to SNOW falling isn’t necessarily my ideal homecoming!


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