The world is pretty in pink…plus…sometimes it even sparkles

Puking is NOT an option.

Well I haven’t acquired a taste for oats, barley or carrots, so i guess I’m not turning into a hamster. So that’s a good thing. My Adductus Longos is doing better….thank god for physio and the exercises! I’m still not allowed to run on uneven ground so I’m still rocking the treadmill.

I did get a personal trainer. My PT is really great. She’s got some edumacation in Kinesiology and PE and is very athletic. So that works for me. Didn’t want the PT who just likes to work out and doesn’t understand that I’m completely injury prone and susceptable to tendon injuries which take a long time to heal! So things see to be going well…I just have to be abel to do the work out she gave me, without feeling the need to have my lunch make a guest appearance. Who knew a band work out could be so brutal!

In addition to pulling bands this way and that I’m continuing to work on my cardio [inc. in the band routine] I am getting into this running thing. Slowly but surely. Running for about 15min now and about 5-7min of walking. All on the treadmill. At least I don’t feel like passing out after, so that’s good thing.

Going out of town for 7 days to Reno, NV and I can’t imagine what I’m going to eat! Portions are huge…I might invest in some groceries that’s for sure! Regardless…looking forward to some working and some fun in the sun! I think it’s suppose to rain next week…so summer ain’t hitting Vancity just yet.


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