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I went to the bootcamp class near the end of it, last night to speak to Jen the Sgt. and thank her for everything and to inform her of my new plan due to really annoying and stupid timing injury. I then had her measure my areas as they do at the beginning of four weeks.

Drum roll please…………………………….

TADA!!!! I have lost approximately 2.5 inches lost on all major areas i.e. shoulders, waist, bicep [1 inch] etc. It all varies depending on the given body part. What a difference four weeks makes! Imagine what I could have done IF I had stuck to this thing called a “diet” or rather “eating better and eliminating take out”. [FYI – Soooooo NOT going to happen entirely!].

So now I’m heading to the dreaded gym tonight where the hamster track awaits for me to spin my mind into complete boredom. I’m also going to look into getting a personal trainer at my gym and see how many millions I have to pay to have someone yell at me to get my ass in gear and stimulate my mind so I don’t become a stepford single gal whose ass hangs by her knees at the age of 30.



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  1. WOW! Congrats on this great progress! Hope your groin is feeling better (man, that was really weird to type, but you know what I mean)! :o)

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