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Bootie Shaking

For the last three weeks I have been attending the 6pm class of bootcamp three times a week. As time is flying by and I’m not reaching my goal as fast as I should, I am being encouraged by Jen the bootcamp “sgt” to come five days a week. This means attending bootcamp at 6 AM.

Now. Let’s logically think of this. I barely get up for work in time. I like my 10pm tv shows and that means I dont’ get to sleep until 11pm. If I switch to this 6AM workout time, I’m going to have to go to bed earlier.

So as my goal is more important then the TV shows that are finally coming back out of reruns, I am going to give this AM thing a whirl. I have two sessions to make up.

As there is no Monday session available at my regular time. I, Jewels, have decided to get my ass out of bed by 5:30am and get shaking my bootie by 6AM for four days in a row next week. And then continue for another month of this self-enforced, expensive bootie workout.

If you don’t hear from me, someone want to see if I’m lying on Kits beach in a puddle?


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